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Alloy+Grit Series One - Complete Box Set

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In recognition of its first anniversary, Alloy+Grit is offering a keepsake box set of the first four issues of the magazine – Series One, as it’s known.

The box set consists of all four issues from the first volume, each one individually wrapped. The set arrives in a bare, solid oak-framed box with oak side panels, making a handsome addition to a desktop or bookshelf. The custom-made box is designed to be stored either flat or upright, its snug dimensions ensuring the magazines will retain their pristine shape for years. One end of the oak box is removable for access to the contents.

Constructed of furniture-grade American red oak, each keepsake box is delivered bare, but can be stained or varnished to individual tastes. Each one is hand-stamped with the Alloy+Grit logo and the “Series One” circle logo on both the forward-facing panel and the removable end piece.

This is a limited edition set, with just 100 examples available for sale.

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